Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Summer of Speech and Language: Calendars

Summer is coming!!!

Every year, I stress out about how I am going to get all of my packets together for students to practice over the summer.  My first few years, I would copy pages specifically for each student.  This was really time consuming, and I found that students were really not completing the work.  My packets started getting smaller and smaller, and I didn't really feel like I was sending home things that were interesting or engaging.  I decided that if I could get my students to at least think about their speech or language for a few minutes every day, it would be better than the practice I was getting from them in previous years.  A few minutes a day over the course of the whole summer, could add up to a bunch of time focusing on speech or language!  So, I started to create some summer calendars for both speech and language and passing them out at the end of the year.  In the fall, parents started to approach me, saying how much they enjoyed the activities.   None of them took very long, and they were engaging. 

Here is what I am going to pass out to my students this year.  A Summer of Speech and Language: Calendars.  I have both an articulation and a language version.  I created all of the calendar pages in both color and black and white because sometimes color ink is at a premium.  Students can either cross off days as they complete tasks, or color in an icon that is in the corner of each day.  I also created a parent letter that goes home with the packet.


This year, for my older articulation students, I may also send home pages from my No Frills Articulation packets.  These are also a quick way for students to practice.  This is more of my older way of doing summer practice, but for some students it still works.  I will probably only do this for the parents that actually request extra work.

You can get my calendars here: A Summer of Speech and Language: Calendars

I personally cannot wait for summer!  I am looking forward to a summer of fun with my two boys.  I will also be confident in knowing that for a least a few minutes a day, my students will be thinking about their speech or language.

I hope you have a great summer too!  (Some of you lucky ducks start your summer in a couple of weeks!)


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